August 20, 2013

Can You Guess the 10 Highest Grossing Martin Scorsese Films?

In this 1990 interview, Martin Scorsese talks about the future of movies and how he hopes, one day, one of his movies will make a lot of money. I was curious to see if any had so I looked up the box office of his films. Using $100 million as an arbitrary measure for success, only three of his movies have been commercially successful.
  • The Departed: $132,384,315
  • Shutter Island: $128,012,934
  • The Aviator: $102,610,330
  • Cape Fear: $79,091,969
  • Gangs of New York: $77,812,000
  • Hugo: $73,864,507
  • The Color of Money: $52,293,982
  • Goodfellas: $46,836,214
  • Casino: $42,512,375
  • The Age of Innocence: $32,255,440
Does the result surprise you? Does it matter?

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