May 27, 2009

Delicate Etiquette

I was reading a cool blog/website called "The Art of Manliness" and came across a post that listed a bunch of etiquette rules from a book called "Hill’s Manual of Social and Business Forms" published in 1880. (Read the full post here.)

The article lists a ton of examples of things a gentleman in 1880 was to do or not to do. Below I have listed a few of my favorites with commentary in italics where possible:
  • Never exaggerate. Oops. I always exaggerate about everything.
  • Never laugh at the misfortunes of others. Sorry, it's kind of how I make part of my living.
  • Never give a promise that you do not fulfill. Gulp.
  • Never send a present, hoping for one in return. This is why I don't send presents.
  • Never speak much of your own performances. Instead, ask people how you did.
  • Never fail to be punctual at the time appointed. Guilty.
  • Never make yourself the hero of your own story. We all know this guy, right?
  • Never fail to give a polite answer to a civil question.
  • Never question a child about family matters. Especially our children. They know too much.
  • Never present a gift saying that it is of no use to yourself. Sorry I gave you that copy of "Jack" directed by Francis Ford Coppola.
  • Never call attention to the features or form of anyone present. Bella ...
  • Never associate with bad company. Have good company, or none. Poison or Warrant is, however, just fine.
  • Never look over the shoulder of another who is reading or writing. Aidan ...
  • Never appear to notice a scar, deformity, or defect of anyone present. Bella and Aidan ...
  • Never punish your child for a fault to which you are addicted yourself. If I can't say bitchface, then you can't say bitchface.
  • Never answer questions in general company that have been put to others. Pick me! Pick me! Pick me!
  • Never, when traveling abroad, be over boastful in praise of your own country. U-S-A, U-S-A!
  • Never attempt to draw the attention of the company constantly upon yourself. Have you ever been in a room full of theater students?
  • Never exhibit anger, impatience or excitement, when an accident happens. Impossible not to do one of these things. Do YouTube accidents count? (Thanks, Eric, for the link.)
  • Never enter a room noisily; never fail to close the door after you, and never slam it.
  • Never will a gentleman allude to conquests which he may have made with ladies.
  • Never fail to offer the easiest and best seat in the room to an invalid, an elderly person, or a lady.
  • Never give all your pleasant words and smile to strangers. The kindest words and the sweetest smiles should be reserved for home. Home should be our heaven. Amen.
Which old-time customs, etiquette and rules would you like to see more abundantly in 2009?

May 26, 2009

Here's What I've Been Doing Instead of Blogging

Where does the time go?

Honestly, it goes here:

Twitter -- If you aren't on it or following me, you are basically missing 140 character blog entries from me a few times a day. It's called micro-blogging ... go on, get some.

Facebook -- Where you can find out what I'm up to, what events I'll be attending or participating in, which celebrities I look like and what we have in common, if anything.

World of Warcraft -- Yes, I still play. You still golf (or other hobby), don't you? Plus, Patch 3.2 is going to be super cool.

Plants vs. Zombies -- I can lose 2 hours on this game faster than any other tower defense game I've ever played. Try for free here.

Southland -- Watch this show. I'm not kidding. Not since "The Shield" have I been this excited about a TV show featuring L.A., criminals, police and detectives.

You: "Oh, but I've seen enough cop dramas."
Me: "Stop. Right. There. It's not at all like anything else on TV right now which means it's good. Not perfect, but really really good."

Note: It was a shortened season and the finale was last week. Still, check out episodes on NBC. The network has ordered 13 episodes for Fall 2009. *Update: NBC cancelled the show but TNT picked it up. Check it out in January 2010.

Crossfit -- Took a 10 day break early in May but am back at it and killing myself for a better me. The gains I've made in performance are so crazy! And I think I've lost a little weight too.

Family and Friend Time -- Watch a video of kids cavorting and dancing below. Also, Mega Trampoline Wrestling Gauntlet of Doom (not pictured) could become a family summer evening tradition.

Sorry about the month-long break, readers. I guess the point I am making with this post is that the problem is spreading myself too thin with my online time. I could blog more if I wasn't so interested in what quizzes you are all taking on FB or what Eric D. Snider is tweeting.

I've actually been thinking of devoting more time to the TV blog we started a few months back and taking it more seriously. Maybe making it into a legit enterprise. Would that interest any of you? Would you read a blog about TV from me and my friends?