October 29, 2008

Video Highlight: Urban Legend Tribute

I love scary stories, urban legends and slasher movies. And my wife and I made a music video that is a tribute to all three.

Amelia and I were happy to work together to plan, shoot, make-out and stay up late to make this thing come together. Amelia came up with the song, concept and costumes, of course. We shot it by ourselves using available light and stacks of books, chairs, tool boxes and the hood of our car for a tripod. I then quickly had to learn how to use iMovie and edit it together. For what it is, I think it's fun and perfect for Halloween. Enjoy? Watch it and tell me if you get it. (Lyrics posted below the video window.)

This is not the first time -- you tried to get away
This is not a party -- where people know your name
This is not a classroom -- with teacher at the board
This is not a cat show -- with prizes at the door

Go -- don't you go
Won't you stay with me one more day
If we get through one more night
If we get through one more night

This is not a horse race -- where winners beat the time
This is not a funeral -- with mourners in a line
This is not a sitcom -- where everything's alright
This is not a prison -- with terror through the night.

Chorus, etc.

Happy Halloween, readers!