August 18, 2004

Distinguishing Tastes

Today my friend Anonymous McNotericdsnider sent me a link to a story on KSL's website. Did you hear about this? I guess some poor 14 year old girl with Crohn's Disease ended up pooping her pants in Old Navy because some A-hole manager wouldn't honor her special needs ID card and allow her to use the "employees only" restroom. Now, the funny part isn't the condition. I have a good friend with Crohn's and it's not fun or funny at all. It's a terrible thing. But, what amazed me about the story is that AFTER she had her accident right there in the store, her mom bought her some new clothes so they could change and leave! That's crazy. What I would have done is pulled my pants down right there, explode the emergency dump in the middle of their floor, purchased the cheapest T-shirt they sell, wiped my butt with it and walked out. Because, folks, I do NOT shop at Old Navy.