December 1, 2008

WoW Does Time Fly

So I got the new World of Warcraft expansion for myself for early Christmas. It's a great looking game and a really good time. My younger brother plays, as you may remember, and we love chatting about life while we slay pretend ghouls.

I was doing OK on balancing my playing time since the release until Thanksgiving weekend hit. Normally, I spend an hour a night playing while I watch reality TV with Amelia as she Facebooks. On the weekend that climbs to 2 hours a day. But this weekend all Hell broke loose. I think I spent a total of 4 hours in the game on Thanksgiving, 3.5 hours on Friday, 3 hours on Saturday and 3 on Sunday. My playing time went down as my guilt went up. I had planned on putting up our lights and raking leaves on Friday or Saturday but crap weather, Amelia running errands, me being home alone with the kids and discovering after stepping on a scale that I am fatter than I have ever been created an insatiable desire to WoW.

I did try to balance my time throughout this long weekend though. Last night Amelia and I watched "Hancock" together. It was the first time in a while that we just snuggled and watched (without our laptops). I helped Aidan with his Wolf badge requirements. Bella and I read and played a lot. I wrestled with both kids (their new favorite pastime) every night. I performed my church calling. I fluffed the fake branches and put up the lights on the tree. I did loads upon loads of dishes. I fed the pets. And, even though I don't like our new cat as much as the rest of the family, I am the only one who cleans the litter box.

I hope to get to those leaves and lights this weekend.