May 26, 2009

Here's What I've Been Doing Instead of Blogging

Where does the time go?

Honestly, it goes here:

Twitter -- If you aren't on it or following me, you are basically missing 140 character blog entries from me a few times a day. It's called micro-blogging ... go on, get some.

Facebook -- Where you can find out what I'm up to, what events I'll be attending or participating in, which celebrities I look like and what we have in common, if anything.

World of Warcraft -- Yes, I still play. You still golf (or other hobby), don't you? Plus, Patch 3.2 is going to be super cool.

Plants vs. Zombies -- I can lose 2 hours on this game faster than any other tower defense game I've ever played. Try for free here.

Southland -- Watch this show. I'm not kidding. Not since "The Shield" have I been this excited about a TV show featuring L.A., criminals, police and detectives.

You: "Oh, but I've seen enough cop dramas."
Me: "Stop. Right. There. It's not at all like anything else on TV right now which means it's good. Not perfect, but really really good."

Note: It was a shortened season and the finale was last week. Still, check out episodes on NBC. The network has ordered 13 episodes for Fall 2009. *Update: NBC cancelled the show but TNT picked it up. Check it out in January 2010.

Crossfit -- Took a 10 day break early in May but am back at it and killing myself for a better me. The gains I've made in performance are so crazy! And I think I've lost a little weight too.

Family and Friend Time -- Watch a video of kids cavorting and dancing below. Also, Mega Trampoline Wrestling Gauntlet of Doom (not pictured) could become a family summer evening tradition.

Sorry about the month-long break, readers. I guess the point I am making with this post is that the problem is spreading myself too thin with my online time. I could blog more if I wasn't so interested in what quizzes you are all taking on FB or what Eric D. Snider is tweeting.

I've actually been thinking of devoting more time to the TV blog we started a few months back and taking it more seriously. Maybe making it into a legit enterprise. Would that interest any of you? Would you read a blog about TV from me and my friends?


Amy said...

Axel F? Awesome.

April Fossen said...

Seeing as how every TV show you've recommended and I've watched has become one of my favorites...yes, I would be interested in your TV blog.

Josh said...

I would totally be into reading a TV blog that you write. Wait! I write for that blog! Let's get her off the ground.

Kacy said...

I pretty much subscribe to a multi-media full Brett blitz feed so, yeah. I'd read a blog you wrote about TV. I mean, I read Tweets you write about workouts.

AzĂșcar said...

Even Joe gave up WOW.

(And Southland is in my tube storage.)

Melanie said...

I also love Southland, so if your taste is that good, I would, indeed, read the tv blog.

Josh Bingham said...

Why did this just pop up in my reader as though it were a new blog? Hmmm.... Are you STILL doing cross fit?