July 19, 2008

Art Class

Bella is painting this afternoon. First she wanted me to pose. I couldn't hold still enough for her. Then she looks at me and says, "I'm painting you as a Japanese person. And I'm a Japanese girl. A long time ago you were a Japanese person."

Now she is making me pose like this:

And this:

Here is the finished product:



Martha said...

I love it! Love it!! When is her first art show? I am there.

The Bakers said...

Amaazing use of line and color...(in a stuffy British accent)

April Fossen said...

She really captured you!

The Grunt said...

Admit it, you are in a rehab facility and imagined the whole scenario.

Seriously, that's cool.

Amelia Merritt said...
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Jewels said...

Turning Japanese I think you're turning Japanese I really think so.

Lindsay said...

I think it could easily go for $1-2 million. Seriously, you should try it. Or at least get it in the Guggenheim.


Amelia Merritt said...

I think we have also overlooked the fact that B can divine past lives. So I asked her what mine was, she said, "Mommy was a, a, an artist. An artist a long time ago. And I drawed you but I don't know where it is." And then she made ME pose weird also.

P & L said...

S-P-O-T ON!!

I really came over to tell you that I came up with a new band name at work:

Delicious Blisters

I'm afraid I came up with it in the exact manner you are suspecting.

You're the only one who does anything with them so it's yours.