June 26, 2008

Rejected Titles for the Friday the 13th Film Series

Friday the 13th Part XI: Jason and the Argonauts

Friday the 13th Part XII: Jason Takes Manhattan ... Shopping!

Friday the 13th Part 13: Lucky 13

Friday the 13th Part Cherokee

Saturday the 14th: A Special Day, the Day We Get Ready for Sunday

Jason Goes to KFC: The Final Final Friday

Alien vs. Jason vs. Predator

Lakers vs. Jason

Roe vs. Jason

Jason vs. the State of California

Abbott and Costello Meet Jason (Wherein Abbott and Costello Are Zombies)

The Bride of Jason

The Life-Partner of Jason


Jeremy said...

Not gonna lie. I would REALLY like to see The Life Partner of Jason.

And I think you should add The Courtship of Jason's Father to your list. Haven't you always wondered what happened to the guy after Mrs. Voorhees got her head chopped off?

The Grunt said...

The bit about "Friday the 13th Part Cherokee had me in stitches, and I bet you know why.

Add Jason Does Dallas to the list.

Is his life partner Mike Myers? If so, Mike Myers should be played by Phillip Seymour Hoffman. I've always wondered what Hoffman could do with that role.

Anonymous said...

Is it an indictment on my character that I would actually pay money to see Alien vs. Jason vs. Predator? (Or Kramer vs. Jason vs. Kramer?)

Jewels said...

"Jason Goes to Therapy".
"Jason's Day Off"
"Tuesday the Tenth Realm of Hell".

...yeah, I don't know what happened there. Why am I still up?

The UnMighty said...

"Jason and the Chocolate Factory"

"Freaky Friday the 13th"
(a hi-jinks filled comedy where Jason and Lindsey Lohan trade places until they learn to appreciate their own lives, at which point they trade back)

"Jason explains the meaning of life"
(a short movie produced by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints)

(Don't you love it when people try to improve on your posts?)