March 5, 2008

35 Inspired Non-Exsistent Band Names

We've all done it. Sitting around, engaged in conversation, and it happens. Someone says something that sounds like it could be the name of a band, the title of a performance group or dialogue from a movie. It's magical when it happens. But how many of us actually write it down or make a note to try to remember how great that moment was? My friend (and former roommate) Eric and I used to have moments like this everyday. I bet he wrote some down.

My point is that you should write stuff down. Even silly stuff like potential band names. Take note of your life, America!

Here are some I (at times assisted by friends) have thought of over the years. As you read them, try to imagine what their music would sound like and then comment on it. Or add your own to the list, if you want.

Prose Before Hose

Wendy's Crack Pipe

Jefferson Skyrocket

Syphilis Runway

Blonde Ambition


Uninspired Epiphany

Fecal Beast

The Black People

Who What Where When

Rendezvous Streetlight

Sodomizing Man About Town

Play It By Year

Mid-season Cancellation

Holographic Threesome

Eff Word

Languid Anchors

"T" is for Tuberculosis

Lavender Homos


Heebie Bee Gees

Fire Boobs

Wait A Minute

Popularity Crisis

Peanuts Envy


Where's My Money, Bitch?!

Hidden Drawer of Knives

5 Day Forecast

Drunk Uncles

Highway Call Box

Winifred Jones

Can't, Sir

Manila Envelopes

Acceptable Flosses

Brothers from the Same Mother

Now, if you want to steal any of these (I know, they are AWESOME) just remember I posted them here first. They are each for sale for varying amounts ($1 to $1,000,000).

Rock on.


AmandaStretch said...

Sawing for Teens

Butt Full of Sparkles

Those two of my favorites.

Eric D Snider said...

These are awesome! Why am I so amused by fake band names? I specifically remember where Hidden Drawer of Knives came from, and I know the story behind Wendy's Crack Pipe. A couple others sound like I was probably involved, but I don't remember them. Prose Before Hose is great. But will anything ever be better than I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness, or I Can Lick Any SOB in the House, both of which are actual band names?

April Fossen said...

The Black People. That kills me. Breathing Cleveland is one I've carried around in my head for a while. We use it as the name of our band in Rock Band. I also gave my friend the name Five Easy Pieces for her 5-part female a capella group. They didn't take it for some reason.

The Grunt said...
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The Grunt said...

I can see the band name "Sodomizing Man About Town" belonging to some twee indie band coming out of the Baltimore scene.

Fecal Beast is a perfect fit for the likes of a G.G. Allin style shockster.

There are so many ways that Wendy's Crackpipe is right, yet horribly wrong.

My contributions:

"Love Leper"


"Gratuitous Sax and Excessive Violins"

"Witch Birth"

"Pastel Pagans"


Amelia Merritt said...

I've always liked Knife Licker.

The Bakers said...

Brothers from the Same Mother applies here:

I totally told them to do that, but since I'm just their sister, nothing valid comes out of my mouth. ( "

BrettM said...

I just went back to this and I have to say that Witch Birth is pretty damn awesome, Matt.