August 1, 2005

Wall of Name

This is a featured post that you will need to check back on from time to time. In my line of work, I get to see many names that make me smile and sometimes laugh out loud. Here, for you to peruse, are some of my favorites with comments when I feel like it.

Fun/Funny names:

Deloris Muffitch - Quite a crabby lady. Har.
Rusty Boring - I'd love it if he was the life of the party.
Mamie Mellerson - Rolls off the tongue. Sounds like something you'd put on toast or use in a theatre warm up exercise. Wait, is this the same person who made some marvelous marmalade? She really exists.
Janice McMannus - A name that rhymes.
Penny Miracle - Born in the Depression?
Gary Smellie - Yum.
Aaron Dumm - He even spelled his las name wrong.
Debbie Heimann - I guess, technically, it had to be named after someone. Like Suzanne Vagina. Or Testicle Anderson.
Jit N. Bangchang - "Sometimes I jit and think about life, and sometimes I just jit n. bangchang."
Oral Packer - No comment.


Jeff B said...

I was bored at work so I started to Jit. Then I figured you know I might as well go all the way, and so I Jit N.Bangchang-ed

christopher clark said...

Brett, is somebody seriously named Oral Packer? I just went to my special place.

Don't forget my favorite name: Rosella Ding-Ding Tampon. My friend met her on his mission in the Phillipines. HER LAST NAME IS DING-DING TAMPON!!!!

Eric D Snider said...

Chris, I'm calling shenanigans on "Rosella Ding-Ding Tampon." I don't think your friend really met such a person, any more than anyone has ever really met the mythical twins named Lemonjello and Orangejello, or the woman named Shithead (pronounced "Sha-THAYD").

Oral Packer

Brdfrd11 said...

All the names listed are guaranteed real names. Honest to goodness.

christopher clark said...

Eric. You know I make some stuff up, but not EVERYTHING. Yesterday Matt brought me a picture of this Philipino woman from his mission, and a ward list with her name on it. It's legit. Who's the ding-ding tampon now?

wendysue said...

Hey there, I hope you don't mind me stopping by. I'm a friend of Lisa Clarks. . . anyway, my mom went to school with two gals (in Ogden) named Chris Cross, and BeBe Gun, no joke! And my sister went to high school with a girl named London Bridge! But the worst by far were the sisters with the last name----Titsworth. ("and the new member of the cheerleading team. . . Kathy Titsworth!!!!")

lisa v. clark said...

names are funny

The Grunt said...

I knew a guy named Marvin Ellis. He went by Marv. He was an okay fella and all, but he wasn't that great.

Brdfrd11 said...


Are you serious? Titsworth.

I never knew names could be so fun.

wendysue said...

Totally serious! And it was even spelled that way-- not Tittsworth, or Thitsworth, but you got it Titsworth! Maybe she could marry Chris' friend Ding-Dong Tampons brother?? Kathy Titsworth Tampon??

Julie said...

Here's a good name for you: my sister went to elementary school with a girl named Shelley Brownshmidt.