December 31, 2011

My TV of 2011 List

Here is a summary of the TV I watched in 2011. Or, as I like to call it, "The stories I watched instead of the stories I wrote."

The Best:

My Favorite Comedies
Happy Endings
Parks and Recreation
New Girl
30 Rock
Modern Family
South Park
Bob's Burgers
Up All Night
Saturday Night Live

My Favorite Dramas
Friday Night Lights
Sherlock (Masterpiece Mystery)
Mad Men
Downton Abbey
American Horror Story
Person of Interest

Show that Hates Its Viewers
The Killing

Six Seasons and a Movie

Shows I Want to Start or Catch Up On Someday
Breaking Bad
Vampire Diaries
Rescue Me
Eastbound and Down

What do you like to watch?


Hailey said...

I watch all your top comedies, except South Park, SNL and Bob's Burgers, and all the top dramas except Suits, Justified and American Horror Story. I guess I'm in good company. :)

Davey Morrison said...

I need to catch up on "Boardwalk Empire," but what I've seen was pretty great. I recommend it!

Jason P said...

Great list! One of my tops for the year is Masterpiece Mystery's Sherlock also. Loved it. New episodes in May--woohoo! And Downton Abbey--brilliant!

Loved reading this list!

Kathryn Purdie said...

You need to start watching Fringe! Great list, though.

Brett Nordquist said...

Great list. If you enjoyed Justified, I'd suggest taking a look at The Shield and the Wire. Loved them both. The Wire is my all-time favorite show. My favorite comedy is the BBC version of the Office. The NBC version is hit or miss but I still watch it. Also check out Nurse Jackie.

Brett Merritt said...

Hailey - Indeed.

Davey - I don't delve into paid channel shows that often because you have to pay for them. The only reason I got through two seasons of Dexter is that they came on Netflix Instant. Having said that I feel like Boardwalk Empire and Game of Thrones would be worth paying for.

Jason/Katie - I need to watch Fringe for sure. I started but stopped because I was into too many other shows at the time.

Brett - I love The Shield. One of the best series finales ever. The Wire I will get to for sure. The BBC Office is one of the best comedies of all time.