July 22, 2010

What's On My iPhone?

I am the owner of a really old school iPhone. It's the 3G. Yep. But I don't mind. I love it, my kids love it and Amelia ... hates typing on it.

Anyway, I thought I'd do a short series on my favorite iPhone applications. I don't know what it will end up covering, as I did not outline this post before hand. I'm just going to take a look at my phone and hope that whatever I decide to write encourages reader participation.

Here goes.


Opera Mini - I use this browser for my phone 80% of the time. I just like the interface more.
Safari - Standard. Sometimes my finger accidentally touches it so I use it.


Tumblr - I've only used the app to post to my Tumblr blog once. But I use it to edit and read the Tumblr people I follow a lot. It's a great mobile blogging app.

Twitter for iPhone - I tried 2-3 other apps for Twitter before settling on this one. It doesn't have all the whistles and bells of other apps but the interface is the most user friendly, in my opinion.

Facebook - If you turn off push notifications for this app, it can be enjoyable if you just want to check in on what's going on with your friends while you are in line at the DMV.

Foursquare - I used this then stopped and used Yelp. I figured out the reason I hated using either one for a while was that no one I knew was using a location game app at all. When that changed and more people I knew got on Foursquare, I got the app and I've been a little addicted ever since. Basically, the GPS in your phone tells the app where you are and you can "check in" to stores, gas stations, theaters, etc. to get points and badges. It's also fun to see what other people are up to. Sometimes you'll see you are at Costco or a movie at the same time as one of your friends so you can avoid them! I kid. Foursquare can get really competitive too. I still get a little bitter when someone steals my Mayorships.

Glue - This one is like Foursquare for your media. Check in to TV Shows, movies and rate everything from games to music and earn badges and expert status. Like Foursquare, it will be better when more people I actually know use it.


Wikipedia - I use this at least once a day.

Evernote - This app syncs with the version on my computer so I always have the important articles or notes or webpages I clipped within a touch away.

Urbanspoon - Don't know the area you are in? This app will help you select something near you based on your mood and wallet.

Camera+ - Like the regular camera app but better.

UStream - Live streaming video to the Ustream website. People can tune in live or watch the videos later. I use it mostly at the kids' school performances.

PS Mobile - Photoshop for iPhone. 'Nuff said?

Voice Memos - Our 6 yo loves to mess around with this. She loves the sound of her own voice. (She also likes to watch herself in the mirror when she cries too but that's another story.) I use this for recording thoughts, ideas and speakerphone calls at work.

AFCU Mobile - I love the interface and how simple it is to use. You can do transfers, pay bills and other finance stuff right from the phone. I should never dip into my overdraft again! (But it will happen anyway.)

CraigsPro - Craigslist for iPhone. I've used this to take pictures of and post things we don't need anymore. Sold an old oven and microwave for $200 in just a few days without ever touching my computer to do it.

WebMD - What's this lump?!!!?!!!11!!?! Ah, just an allergic reaction to stress. Nothing to worry about. Or is there???!!!?!?!!1


Fandango - Decide to see a popular movie at the last minute? Buy your tickets with your phone and skip the line. This worked great recently when we showed up to Wynnsong 12 and there were 50 people in line for tickets and one person running the box office. We went right past all of it.

Pandora - Eerily knows just what to play for you based on what you've told it you like or what you're in the mood to hear. It's a staple during Saturday chores.

PhoneFlicks - Netflix for iPhone ... kind of. Search, add or arrange your queue from your iPhone. You are all using Netflix, right?

ESPN ScoreCenter - I only really use this during the NBA season. I don't get many opportunities to watch Utah Jazz games but this can keep me updated with push notifications of the score at the end of each quarter. If I want to dig deeper into stats and even read the recap, I can to that too.

iBooks - Still new to this one but I love that I can upload all my PDFs to it for quick reading.

Stanza - Access to hundreds and thousands of free books on all my phone. I still prefer to turn pages in an actual book but this is a good replacement if I want to read Alice in Wonderland to the kids but don't want to add it to our busting-at-the-seams bookshelves.


Plants vs. Zombies - The best game for the iPhone. Period. Pick the right plants to get those pesky undead OFF YOUR LAWN.

Armory - For World of Warcraft. You can't play from your phone but you can check your character stats, look at your guild, use the talent calculator or buy/sell stuff in the auction house. I don't use it much but I like that it's there for when the urge to get my nerd on hits.

CLUE - Kids love this one. It's a spin on the original board game where you are a reporter investigating Mr. Boddy's death. Each time you win, the difficulty rises. We've got at least 3 weeks of fun out of it for 99 cents.

Game of Life - Again, it's like the board game but can be played on trips in the car or while you are waiting for your food at a restaurant or after dinner at the house if you don't want to get the real game down off the shelf. Kids like this one a lot too.

Bloons TD - The second best game for the iPhone. If you like tower defense, this is the game for you. It's got monkeys trying to pop various balloons before they get past. Monkeys and balloons. What's not to love?

Battle of Puppets - A castle defense game except you are a touring puppet show battling other shows' puppets as you travel to Broadway. It's a great looking game.

Dots Free - The classic dots game you used to play in church. Now you can play on your phone.

LocknRoll - A dice puzzle game. I don't know what else to write. Try it. It's addicting.

Lux Touch - Basically the game of Risk. Classic.

And that's it. Those are either the apps I use most often or the ones I like the most when I actually get to use them. I do love the iPhone and the best thing about it is the apps. So, what did I miss? What do you all like to use and why? Let me know in the comments.

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AzĂșcar said...

Remember when you were like, "I don't really care about the game on Fourquare"?

That was funny.