February 26, 2009

Some Acting Tips


The first in a series of my (sarcastic?) musings on acting.

What are some of your acting/auditioning observations and tips? I'll include them with commentary in my next post.


April Fossen said...


Hailey said...

Hmm, sound advice, thank you. I'd like to add that you need to rush as quickly as possible through your sides, as not to waste the director's time by having any real moments.

Also, where are you?

Emmie said...

This was delightful. And very informative. My advice: When deciding between fighting against emotion and crying, always choose crying. The more you can cry during an audition piece, scene, or play, the better! Crying is very dramatic, and shows the director and audience how good you are (at crying).

Amelia Merritt said...

Hailey, his office.
I'd like to add that actors should always go out of their way to help out in other departments, when on set. And if you ask, "Can I help you steam those curtains?" or "Can I help you carry those stingers?" and the answer comes back a hearty "NO!" don't listen and pitch right in without hesitation.

BrettM said...

Thanks for the other tips! I will do another post featuring them.

Acting College said...

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