January 18, 2008

LDS Film Festival Features ... Me

Today, at 2:30 pm, a short film I have a lead role in will premiere at the LDS Film Festival. It's a part of a series of three short films on faith. My really really good firend Matt Mattson is also in it and plays the part of a blind guy. Matt isn't even blind in real life! If you don't have anything else going on, come check it out. Tickets are $6 and out short will probably screen at 3pm.

*click image to enlarge


P & L said...

I would kill. Literally Kill someone to see this! Tell me who!! Tell me who I can kill so I can see this! Who? Lisa Clark? Done what's her number...cause it's up!

Bethany said...

Who directed it, Brett?

I'd love to see it. Blast.