December 18, 2007

Video Highlight: Sweet Carol Line


La Bohème said...

Hahaha, I love this movie. I laughed my head off when Jake put it on the Thrillionaires' Myspace page.

My favorite part has got to be at Chris and Lisa's house.

~Trent Robertson

Shawn said...

Hey Bret!

What up? My son, Aydan and I loved this video! I actually saw it on the Thrillionaires page also, and I think you guys should be famous---you are all sooooo funny.

By the by, what happened to your weekly confessions? I loved the idea and it even inspired me to write in my blog every week again----but get on the ball, dude!
:) :)

I missed seeing you perform when I was in Utah last time... Hope I can see you next time I'm there...